The Tummy Hit List – Vancouver, BC

One morning a month ago, I woke up and thought to myself, “Fuck it, imma eat the Pacific Northwest.” (Quickly followed by “fuck it, imma put two teabags in my teacup today YOLO.”)

A gorgeous coastal city with a vibrant immigrant community and a food scene that reflects it , Vancouver, BC was my no-brainer choice for the first stop on the road to Ultimate Tummy Satisfaction. As the day of my departure draws near (August 7), I present to you – in my typical anal fashion – my Tummy Hit List!

Lookin' delicious, Vancouver!

Lookin’ good, Vancouver!

Now, dear reader, this is much more than just a list – it is a fucking WAR CRY  straight from my stomach. And despite what this list says, nothing is set in stone. If I finish eating at one place and crave for more, you can be sure I will take a bite out of the next person I see CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP OH YEAH.

Perhaps I’ve said too much. Anyway, here is the list.

Vancouver, BC

Day 1


Sex in a sandwich.

Lunch: Meat and Bread @ 370 Cambie Street

I am a simple woman – I like carbohydrates and meat. I like them even better when they’re together.

Dinner: The Salt Tasting Room @ 45 Blood Alley  Square

Charcuterie and seasonal wines make my heart sing. (Also, you can totally tell I was drawn to this place with it’s super safe-sounding location for a solo female traveler!)

Ooo purdy!

Ooo purdy!

Day 2

Breakfast: The Twisted Fork @ 1147 Granville Street

The only thing I love more than social justice and working with youth is breakfast food. Solidarity can wait – banana-stuffed French Toast can’t.

A trendy breakfast joint in downtown Vancouver!

A trendy breakfast joint in downtown Vancouver!

Lunch: Toshi Sushi @ 181 E 16th Ave

Recommended by a co-worker of a very close friend of mine. Looking forward to checking it out and frightening strangers with how much food I can eat!

Sushi does my body good.

Sushi does the body good.

Dinner: Guu Izakaya Original @ 838 Thurlow Street

The first izakaya to open in Vancouver in 1993 with an excellent reputation for its combination of traditional izakaya fare and high quality drank!

Picture this: My ass cheeks firmly planted in one of those seats in the next week.

Picture this: My ass cheeks firmly planted in one of those seats in the next week.

If you didn’t begin salivating mid-way through this post, then you aren’t really alive.

Stay tuned for the Seattle edition of the Tummy Hit List! Until next time.


With Love,