How to Pack Toiletries Like It Ain’t No Thang

Hi all! Following my last, bare–it-all post on what’s inside my toiletry bag, I have now for you a few tips on how to pack your own bag with style and ease.

Tip #1 Become familiar with the TSA guidelines for carry-in liquids.

This is especially important if you’re traveling carry-on only. I have seen grown folks tear up at the TSA check lines when their full-sized body lotions or hair sprays are confiscated and thrown away. (I mean, I can’t be the only one that cries right??)

I want you to be intimate with this chart. Embrace it. Make prolonged eye contact with it.

I want you to be intimate with this chart. Embrace it. Make prolonged eye contact with it.

Tip #2 Decide what liquid toiletries you want to bring with you.

If you’re staying at hotel with soap and shampoo provided, you might be able to skip out on bringing those. If not, plan on packing the essentials: shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, body wash, etc. Fewer toiletries = fewer things that could break and leak in your bag!

Tip #3 …But only pack what you’ll actually use.

Before packing my own toiletry bag, I went through all the products I wanted to bring, one by one and asked myself, “Would I cut a bitch for a few seconds to put mascara on?” I would. Into my toiletry bag it goes!

Be honest with yourself and remember that you’re on vacation! For example, “Would I cut a bitch for a few seconds to shave my legs?” Nope. Out goes the shaving cream! (Leg hair, don’t care.)

Tip #4 Find the right containers for your products to reduce breaking and leaking!

Creamier products are less likely to leak but may be more difficult to get out of travel-sized containers. Using wide-mouthed containers for creams help eliminate that difficulty. Liquidy-liquids are best stored in bottle-type containers and packed near the middle of the rest of your toiletries, so as to cushion it while the bag’s being jostled around.

Tip #5 Remember, (depending on your destination) you can always buy anything you weren’t able to pack at a local drugstore.

So don’t sweat it and enjoy your vacation!

And there you have it – Toiletry Nirvana.

Namaste, bitches.

With Love,



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